I appreciate your responsiveness and excellent points, TeleworkChick. I agree with you that physically commuting to a brick-and-mortar office periodically is beneficial for direct interpersonal exchanges with co-workers. However, I still find myself much more productive and far less distracted working from my home office. But I know not everyone feels this way, especially extroverts. I’m also glad that my manager started teleworking once or twice a week. It’s critically important for managers to telework so they can better supervise their staff who work remotely by getting a firsthand experience of the process. As I noted, iwhile telewok is not for everyone, the 21st century work paradigm is undergoing a radical shift due to mobile, digital and virtual work technology — a trend which will only grow in the coming years/decades, especially with the evolution of robotics, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence used at work.

Strategic comms consultant for social justice, DEI, CSR | prior career spokesman at U.S. EEOC, WH political appointee for Bill Clinton | DC-based, NY-bred

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