Jeff Ikler: Many thanks for your exemplary feedback, as always. Yes, you probably read a similar version of this article on Thrive Global or American Diversity Report (Deborah Levine) per my social media marketing.

It’s refreshing to see the The New York Times focusing more on distinguished women in general, and women of color in particular, via their “Overlooked No More” obituary feature. I wonder when the NYT began this effort? The Wikipedia’s “Women in Red” (WiR) project has been in existence for years.

If I were doing PR for Wikimedia — no, they haven’t contacted me yet (lol) — I’d make sure to reach out to my contacts at the NYT and let them know about the impressive and admirable work of WiR for a potential Sunday feature article — as the two developments most definitely dovetail. Moreover, I would even suggest examining a mutually beneficial partnership between Wikipedia and the NYT to optimize exposure of this important issue of equality for notable women and all women who have been under-represented and ignored historically by the media and academia.

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