Kudos Karthik on another excellent read. “Seinfeld” was one of my favorite shows growing up. The reason is twofold:

First, on a macro level, it’s enormously funny and entertaining.

Second, on a micro level — as you astutely articulate above— there are simple lessons to be learned about human relations that too often are overlooked.

As Dale Carnegie wrote, one key to mastering the art of human relations is talking in terms of the other person’s interests, wants, needs and desires. This will cause people to talk for hours and consider you a good conversationalist and listener, while simultaneously building the bonds of trust and friendship.

As Carnegie wrote, most people are interested in themselves morning, noon and night. How true.

Founder of Grinberg Global PR: optimizing strategic comms to effectuate social justice | former spokesman for U.S. EEOC | DC-based, NY-bred.

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