Kudos on an excellent article filled with important insights.

First, the following passage strikes me as significant in considering the age-old argument of human fate versus free will:

“ When we consider how we explore the world — how we roam around a new city or travel around a large museum — we attribute our choices to what we might call “free will.” But as we hack further into our genetic code, we realize that our innate biological fortuities predict many of our decisions and characteristics.

Second, the following likewise jumped out at me in considering humanity in a more cosmic perspective — which most people don’t — especially in today’s frenetic mobile, digital and virtual Information Age:

“The triviality and brevity of human life in our universe should drive us to appreciate every fortunate moment of our conscious experience…”

Perhaps people would be more kind and accepting of one another if they realized that the average human lifespan occurs in a nanosecond compared to the longevity of Earth’s existence (4.5 billion years) and that of the Universe (about 14 billion years, according to astrophysicists and other space scientists).

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