Lisa Gallagher: thank you so much for being the first to engage with this article. I greatly appreciate your constructive comments, which make perfect sense. I think all social media users need to step it up regarding civility (ditto that offline), lest civil society slowly descends into a dystopian abyss where authoritarianism is the only available avenue.

I encourage Millennials and Generation Z to read such timeless classic and prescient science fiction novels — if they haven’t already — such as:

  • “1984” and “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.
  • “Brave New World” by Ayn Rand.
  • “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury.

Any others to add to the list?

Strategic communications consultant advancing social justice and corporate social responsibility | former career spokesman at U.S. EEOC | DC-based, NY-bred

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