Memo to CEOs: Fire Monster Managers

Is Your Boss a Bully or Bigot?

The C-suite and HR must play a greater role in identifying and banishing monster managers from the workplace to promote a more productive workforce.

Derailing Productivity

Some targeted employees might be so intimated that they hide in restroom stalls or dive under their desk when the monster manager lurks nearby.

The Bullies

Monster managers bully staff with an abundance of malice under the guise of micromanagement. They use multiple fear tactics including, but not limited to, the following:


The Bigots

Retaliation usually occurs when victims are brave enough to speak out against unlawful conduct and file complaints with Human Resources (HR) or the government.

Employees who are subjected to discrimination often dread going to work and are prevented by the monster managers from doing their best work.

The Takeaway

The C-suite and HR need to wake up to this unfortunate reality. They need to show leadership by identifying and permanently ousting monster managers.

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