Memorial Day: How Retailers Dishonor Fallen Heroes

Holiday sales and vacuous values…

That’s why retailers should be more focused on the historic significance of Memorial Day, rather than ringing up cash registers to maximize profits.

Retailers’ love affair with promotions and profits are anathema to the core values of the U.S. military, such as honor, respect, self-sacrifice and love of country.

Vacuous Values

According to Ad Week, “The average consumer will spend nearly $500 at retailers over the Memorial Day weekend.”

Instead of engaging in shopping sprees, Americans should put away their wallets and open their hearts by participating in civic events paying homage to our deceased military heroes.

Final Thoughts

These are timeless lessons from which every generation can learn, especially a new generation of future leaders.

Image Credit: U.S. Census Bureau

Strategic communications consultant advancing social justice and corporate social responsibility | former career spokesman at U.S. EEOC | DC-based, NY-bred

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