My 10-Point Career Success Plan for Millennials and Generation Z

Ditch comfort zone, take leap of faith

It’s no secret that a strong work ethic helps lay the foundation for success. But early career success is usually earned incrementally, starting from the bottom up.

New Generation of Leaders

Following is Part 1 of my 10-point career success plan for younger Millennials and older members of Gen Z to help make their dreams jobs become reality.

1) Define Your Vision

I found that a potent combination of rigorous academic work on one hand, buttressed by real world work experience on the other, was instrumental for success.

2) Build Bridges

Mentors take you under their wings and help lay the groundwork for your success. No one does it alone.

3) Dare to Think Big

“Dare — dare to be more than you think you can be — dare.”

4) Leveraging the four P’s

Recall that nothing worthwhile in life comes easy.

The Takeaway

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Strategic comms consultant for social justice, DEI, CSR | prior career spokesman at U.S. EEOC, WH political appointee for Bill Clinton | DC-based, NY-bred

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