Rob Jones: Thanks again for indulging me in this debate. You offer a thoughtful and cogent response, as usual, which I think would make good sense to most people. First, just a technical point of clarification: I wrote that WMF— not Dr. Greenwald — appears to be “doing a bare minimum while simultaneously casting blame.”

I understand your excellent point that there is not a solution to every problem. Moreover, the gender disparity on Wikipedia certainly ranks very low compared to the more pressing and substantive problems of the world — both online and off, thanks in part to all the buffoonery of our fake president Donald J. Trump (sorry, Rob, I couldn’t resist).

Nevertheless, I’m sincerely concerned — perhaps in an unwarranted manner — that today’s young people are overly dependent on sites like Wikipedia to gain information for school, as well as life generally. You have to admit that today’s teens and 20-somethings (older members of Generation Z along with most Millennials) were born with silver smartphones in their mouths (as veritable appendages).

Moreover, as you may know, some liberal public school districts do not even ban students from using their phones during class, even for non-scholarly purposes (the nonsensical nature of which my wife and I often discuss with disdain toward state and local bureaucrats who allow such a backwards policy to exist. Nicole is a high school teacher — along with being my better half, a low bar for anyone).

Thanks again, Rob, for engaging in this fruitful discussion. I really do appreciate all of your intelligent thoughts. I’d really like to say that sometimes even great minds can disagree, however, my mind doesn’t fall into that esteemed category (as your enviable intellectual prowess most certainly does, as I’ve come to learn over the years). Seriously, Rob, you are a scholar and a gentleman, a noble combination of character traits indeed. I also admire your humility, an exceedingly rare commodity for any person of your high intellectual capacity (especially on the internet in an open forum).

Now, lastly, how about gracing the main article with 50 claps/applause for all of this fun fodder for thoughtful discussion? It’s always a pleasure to interact with you, kind sir. I’ll bet we could write a great book together…

Strategic communications consultant advancing social justice and corporate social responsibility | former career spokesman at U.S. EEOC | DC-based, NY-bred

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