Thanks, Eve, for sharing your story about the ongoing problem of “fake news” and how it personally affected you as an objective journalist. Your story serves as yet another cautionary reminder of why news consumers need to be extra vigilant, double check their news sources, and try to receive news from a broad range of media outlets — including those whose editorial stance they may not favor. Relying on only one or two similar news outlets in today’s mobile, digital and virtual Information Age will only allow the problem of “fake news” to fester. I think today’s news consumers have a responsibility to scrutinize a news story which they believe might be fake, especially on social media, and then call it out publicly for what it is: bogus information.

Founder of Grinberg Global PR: optimizing strategic comms to effectuate social justice | former spokesman for U.S. EEOC | DC-based, NY-bred.

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