Thanks for your constructive comments, as always, Rob. I wouldn’t be so cynical to think “no one cares.”

While I understand and share your frustration, I know that countless millions of Americans care about ending discrimination of all types against all people. I think it’s a great idea for corporate boards to mandate that CEOs slash their multi-million dollar salaries and let that money trickle up from the bottom of the workforce. That would enhance pay equity for all women and minority employees regardless of their status within the company.

Also, Rob, does the increasing minority/majority demographic nationwide give you any optimism for improvements society-wide?

We now have the most diverse Congress in history — the diversity of which will only grow in the years and decades ahead, likewise spreading to corporate America. Remember, the white male demographic is shrinking and will ultimately be the new minority. The tables will turn in due time. Do you agree?

Strategic comms consultant for social justice, DEI, CSR | prior career spokesman at U.S. EEOC, WH political appointee for Bill Clinton | DC-based, NY-bred

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