Zuckerberg Gets Thumbs Down in Crisis Comms

Facing Facebook data fiasco…

Do’s and Don’ts

Zuckerberg’s abject failure to follow the standard crisis communications playbook only added fuel to the fire, causing it to quickly escalate.

Zuckerberg’s March missive to users came across as arrogant, short-sighted and insincere at best — clumsy and insecure at worst.

March 21st Missive

Facebook has been forced to acknowledge a multitude of mistakes for over a decade, yet FB’s privacy problems are still prevalent. Therefore, Zuck’s pleadings and promises amount to empty rhetoric, at least so far.

Media Mistakes Multiply

Facebook’s SOS to users more aptly resembled a supersized ship slowly sinking in the middle of the ocean, similar to the infamous story of the doomed Titanic.

Shine a Lantern on It

Zuckerberg should have possessed the practical knowledge and common sense to know “the cover up is worse than the crime,” per the Watergate term coined from Richard Nixon’s disgraced presidency.

More Media Mistakes

Corporate America is among the worst culprits when it comes to trampling on transparency, with Facebook being only the latest example in a long list.

CEOs should treasure being transparent and treat transparency as more than just a popular buzzword to use when convenient in deflecting media criticism.

Final Thoughts

Zuckerberg and Facebook would have been much better off had they fully fessed-up, adequately apologized to all, and promised to promote truth and transparency when the scandal first became public in March.

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